Live Wedding Painting

celebrating every last detail while entertaining your guests can be overwhelming. and after it's all over, photos pile up in hidden boxes collecting dust.

What if we could solve all of that with one meaningful heirloom?

couple standing for North Carolina watercolor artist live painting at wedding

Why invest in a live wedding painting with me?

my unique process that guarantees you will *adore* the finished piece

Because I work in watercolor and acrylic, I’ll create a sketch ahead of time after a consultation with you. You’ll get a chance to review it before the big day, so you know that you’ll love your finished piece!

Your day will stand out and be remembered.

As a Live Wedding Painter, I want to make your big day easy and provide a unique element that many guests have never seen before.  And afterward, you’ll have a piece of original artwork that was created during the very moment it portrays. 

your guests will love watching it unfold

Entertain your guests during cocktail hour by letting them watch a painting of your ceremony unfold. Guests who might not want to cut a rug at the reception will love to chat while watching your First Dance come alive with each brushstroke


For my best friends wedding the bridesmaids got together to gift out of the box (aka off registry) and found Ashley to live paint two moments in their day. It was the best, not only was the process of working with her before hand easy as pie, or was SO COOL seeing guests, the couple, and our friends “ooooh” and “aaaah” on wedding day.

Ali m



I create custom packages for each and every one of my live wedding painting clients. Rates are based on subject of the painting, detail level, travel needs, framing options, prints and add-ons, and various other important factors.

On average, clients spend between $2,000-$3,000+ for an heirloom painting, custom thank you cards created from the painting, along with the obvious guest entertainment and a special keepsake they will never forget. 

To confirm availability and learn more about a custom package, please inquire below.