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The Classic Venue Illustration Dinner Menu

Day-Of Item: Ink Color

Venue Selection

To check that I have painted your venue you can view a gallery of paintings done to date in the Item Description below. If you don't see yours, there is a chance that I have painted it but not updated the list, so reach out before placing your order. Alternatively, you can select a new venue illustration commission below if needed or if you prefer a different look for your venue illustration!


About the Classic Venue Illustration Dinner Menu

This Classic Venue Illustration Dinner Menu features a watercolor wedding venue illustration (and pairs perfectly with the Classic Venue Invitation suite!). This dinner menu is designed to feature some of North Carolina’s most beautiful wedding venues but is open to custom venue illustrations from beautiful places worldwide. If your wedding venue isn’t in my collection of venue illustrations, I’ll happily create a unique painting just for you. Afterward, you can keep the original painting as a keepsake, too!

After your initial selections and checkout, you’ll receive a wording questionnaire that will walk you through the easy steps to perfect your Venue Illustration Dinner Menu. You’ll have a dedicated designer (yep – a real live person over here!) to create your wedding dinner menu for you. No wading through confusing online customizations or typing it up and formatting it yourself. With the Wedding Collection shop, you’ll have a custom stationery experience – without the custom stationery price tag!


To order your suite, take a look at this simple ordering guide that covers all the details, process, and production timeline.

Whether you’re looking for save the dates, programs, menus, welcome signs and more, you can check out the Wedding Collection Shop’s Classic Venue Collection options for more.

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How long is the turnaround time for a Dinner Menu from the Wedding Shop?

On average, it takes 2-3 weeks from the day you submit your wording  until it arrives on your door step!

My venue isn’t listed, but you are creating a venue illustration for me for my invitations in the Collection Shop. How do I order? 

In the Venue Selection drop-down menu, select “Current commission in progress” so I know you have a project in place with me already and we’ll reuse that venue illustration throughout!

How to I submit my wording?

After checkout you will receive an email with instructions on how to submit your invitation suite wording.

Do you provide guidance on wording choices and etiquette?

Yes! The Wording Guide you’ll receive after checking out will walk you through each part of your invitation suite and help you determine what wording is considered “proper” for your situation. Of course, as you’ll see – every celebration is as unique as the couple themselves. As such, you can decide how formal you’d like the wording to be or how casual – and the guide will help you determine that, as well.


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The Classic Venue Illustration Dinner Menu